To Apply for a Service Dog from Canine Support Teams, Inc.,

simply click the button below; download or print the application, complete it and send it – with the required attachments – to our office:

(all veterans are required to provide copy of DD-214)


By e-mail send to

By fax send to 951-301-3605

By post to PO Box 891767 Temecula, CA 92589-1767




PART ONE of the application is for you, the candidate, to complete.  Tell us  about yourself, your living/home environment; family and/or pets that share your life & home; details about your disability(ies); what your activities & hobbies are, and what your hopes and expectations are for life with a service dog.


PART TWO of the application is for your physician to complete.  To be sure we can make the best possible match, it is critical to have a detailed explanation of your specific medical condition.  This portion must be completed by a MD or PhD (we cannot accept a counselor or physical therapist)


Confidentiality: Please be confident that the information you & your doctor(s) provide will not be used for any other purpose than to evaluate and assess your condition as it relates to making successful canine placement. CST will keep this information confidential and will not share it with anyone but the professional staff involved in helping provide services.


Once your completed application is received and reviewed by our professional staff, we will contact you.  If your application falls within our criteria, you will be invited to meet for an intake interview.  This gives our staff & trainers an opportunity to have face-to-face interaction with our candidates.  There are many complexities in developing a Canine Support TEAM and personal interaction is invaluable to begin the relationship that, we hope, will provide our clients with years of independence, companionship, service and unconditional love.


ALL of Canine Support Teams’ dogs are ADA Compliant and Public Access Test Certified.  They undergo two years of training before being placed with a disabled client. You can be confident that the service dog you receive from CST is an elite “4-legged professional”, ready and eager to fulfill his/her calling.


Considering using your dog as a Service Dog?

Our certified trainers will temperament test the dog in your home (or shelter) and in public to determine if s/he will qualify for our  Outside Certification Program.  Additional information...





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