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Meet our Clients that are waiting for a Service Dog.

Hannah Samuelson

My name is Hannah. I am 13 years old and from Michigan. Some of my favorite activities are hiking, all outdoor activities, and hanging out with my friends. My love for animals started at a very young age. I have always had many kinds of pets including cats, insects, bearded dragon, fish, frogs and ducks! Someday I hope to work with animals as a profession. Since the age of 6 I have experienced hypermobility, low muscle tone and pain in my joints. In the last year my symptoms have begun to get in the way of things I enjoy doing like school work, hiking and basic daily tasks.I get a lot of anxiety especially when I am out and about with my family around strangers. I get really stressed and find it hard to cope sometimes.

A service dog for me will provide companionship, help me to feel more comfortable and confident in public as well as support me as I navigate life with pain and mobility issues. Having a service dog would change my life.

Justice Walsh

In 2016, Justice Walsh was a typical 18 year old with plans. He was set to attend college and study Art & Music. He loved playing guitar. In a flash, everything changed. Justice was a passenger in a vehicle struck by a drunk driver. He sustained serious head injuries that radically altered his plans forever. The doctors’ prognosis was grim, but they could not quantify Justice’s fighting spirit. Despite multiple surgeries and complications, Justice not only survived, he re-learned to talk, eat, walk (with assistance); he relies on a wheelchair for mobility. He continues to enjoy his music and be creative.

His mom calls him “Ironman” for his courage & determination, not to mention the battery pack in his chest to help control seizures.

“I would say what I admire most in Justice is his determination; he never gives up. He has such a positive attitude and cheers people up wherever he goes and warm people’s hearts. The doctors gave him only 3% chance of survival and yet he continues to amaze them and prove them wrong.”

~ Angela Sullivan, Justice’s mom

A service dog for Justice will help him overcome his partial paralysis and loss of mobility. Justice still has plans and the determination to make them happen.


After living in an abusive relationship, problems do not end when victims escape the nightmare. The abuser’s psychological and physical attacks leave deep wounds that are difficult to heal unless carefully attended to in the aftermath of such trauma. One of our clients is facing the challenges of living through this trauma, as well as facing a lifelong struggle after a diagnosis of MS. This client, whose identity is protected for privacy purposes, could really use your help. A service dog will help this client not only continue healing from severe trauma, but to assist in task work to maintain independence as the symptoms of MS progress.