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Help Sofia Raise Funds for a Facility Dog

My name is Sofia. Just by looking at me you probably wouldn’t guess I struggle with social anxiety. Throughout most of my high school career, everyday socialization was a challenge to overcome. Now I am much more social, calmer, and inspired to assist others in their journeys with anxiety. Enter Captain. The 3rd dog I have puppy trained through Canine Support Teams. He became my companion on my toughest days, the safe place for me, even when surrounded by hundreds of high school students. In addition to helping me, Captain helped fellow students struggling with mental health challenges.

Your donation will assist us in providing therapy to students who continuously struggle with mental health challenges. You will be helping to help bridge the gap of health disparities between students and mental health resources for families, including those at risk for negative outcomes from social and environmental factors. This year, with the support needed to save lives, we will have the ability to reach at least 7,200 high school students.

37% of students at public and private high schools reported their mental health was not good, according to the CDC. Mental health challenges, such as anxiety and depression, continue to plague teens as the public stigma hinders them from finding the necessary available resources. Nationally, these characteristics among adolescents began before the pandemic and have steadily increased since. Beginning with one school, the we have now received several requests for therapy dogs on other high school campuses as parents and administration find ways to help students ease their anxiety and stress. After a semester of Captain’s weekly visits, 75% of students showed an increase of self-esteem and almost 100% showed a decrease in anxiety.

We look forward to your support and improving the lives of students with you!


After living in an abusive relationship, problems do not end when victims escape the nightmare. The abuser’s psychological and physical attacks leave deep wounds that are difficult to heal unless carefully attended to in the aftermath of such trauma. One of our clients is facing the challenges of living through this trauma, as well as facing a lifelong struggle after a diagnosis of MS. This client, whose identity is protected for privacy purposes, could really use your help. A service dog will help this client not only continue healing from severe trauma, but to assist in task work to maintain independence as the symptoms of MS progress.