Meet Marti, beloved service dog to our founder Carol Roquemore.

Marti's Story

“On October 12th, I lost my beloved, beautiful service dog Marti to cancer. I cannot begin to tell you the pain and grief I feel, or how much I miss his sweet, gentle demeanor. I had thought we would still have years left together.

I had three service dogs prior to Marti; each was deeply loved and will forever hold a special place in my heart. However, Marti was different. He brought me endless joy and joy to everyone he encountered. He was truly amazing, and the epitome of what a service dog should be. He was always up and ready to work not just for me, but for others at the facility.

After losing Marti, I reflected on the Canine Support Teams’ dogs that have been placed with our clients and what could happen if one of those precious dogs needed dire help like Marti did. What would CST do to help them in their time of need?”

– Carol Roquemore

The Marti Fund

Andrea Stillman and Carol Roquemore formed the Marti Fund in order to offset the cost of abnormal and critical Veterinary care for CST clients in need. We implore our veterinarians and good Samaritans to please help those who are less fortunate to save their beloved service dogs and keep them well, should they become critically ill, by donating to the Marti Fund.


Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve streamlined the donation process to make it convenient for you to contribute online. Simply visit this page to make your donation. Thank you for your support!

There is no formal application process. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your veterinary needs. We are here to help and provide assistance as needed.
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