Looking for a service dog to assist you and serve as your constant companion? Willing to open your home and heart to foster a puppy? Please complete one of the applications below.


Considering YOUR dog
as a Service Dog?

Apply for a Service Dog

CST Service Dogs are placed with disabled clients over the age of 16 who have various disabilities. In addition, these dogs help to serve as an ice-breaker in public situations and provide constant companionship for their partners.

The first step is to complete an application. This is a two part application. Complete part 1 with your information; part 2 is for the doctor that is most familiar with your disability. Once both parts are complete, send the entire application, with $50 non-refundable application fee to:  Canine Support Teams, Inc, PO Box 75, Murrieta, CA 92564.

Once Application is Complete

Once your completed application is received it is reviewed by our professional staff. If your application falls within our criteria, you will be invited to meet for an intake interview.  This gives our staff & trainers an opportunity to have face-to-face interaction with our candidates. Special arrangements can be made for applicants that are out-of-area or unable to travel. There are many complexities in developing a Canine Support TEAM and personal interaction is invaluable to begin the relationship that, we hope, will provide our clients with years of independence, companionship, service and unconditional love.

ALL of Canine Support Teams’ dogs are ADA Compliant and Public Access Test Certified.  They undergo two years of training before being placed with a disabled client. You can be confident that the Service Dog you receive from CST is an elite “4-legged professional”, ready and eager to fulfill his/her calling.


Application: $50* non-refundable Application fee with your completed application.

Placement: Once a potential match has been identified, the applicant is asked to contribute towards a portion of the cost of preparing the service dog. The actual costs of two years’ preparation and training of a working Service Dog are upwards of $25,000. We ask a nominal donation of $6,500.00 from clients prior to Team Training. We actively assist with fundraising and grant seeking to help them reach this goal. 

ALL recipients of CST Service Dogs must travel to our Menifee campus for two weeks of Team Training (travel, lodging, meals, & activities are clients’ responsibility). 

Annual re-certification is required ($100 p/year) and conducted quarterly by our professional training staff at a nearby locale.  Special arrangements can be made for clients who are out-of-area or unable to travel.

If you are a veteran, learn more about the PAWZ for Wounded Veterans Program.



Learn about our Outside Certification Program