Unlock independence with our Service Dog Outside Certification Program. Empowering individuals to specially train their own dog to support their personal, social and occupational autonomy. Discover the freedom and security of a trusted service dog by your side.


Your Elgibility

If you are 16 years or older and have a diagnosed disability for which a dog can be trained to perform three or more specific tasks to mitigate its effects, you are eligible for a service dog. Children under 16 are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Dog Elgibility

If your dog is 4 years old or younger, properly socialized, is up to date on all vaccines, and is either spayed or neutered, or will be before completing the training program, they are eligible for consideration.

Application Process

This application consists of two parts. Part 1 can be accessed online and requires completion with your personal information. Part 2 is available online or in PDF format and is intended for the physician most familiar with your disability to fill out.

Your application will require all the following additional materials:

  • Autobiography
  • A recent photo of yourself and your dog
  • Financial Documentation
  • Proof of housing over six consecutive months
  • Household placement agreement
  • Spay/Neuter Certificate (if applicable)
  • Vaccine records


  • DD214
  • Letter verifying service-related diagnosis of a disability

Interview & Evaluation

Once we receive both parts 1 and 2 of your completed application, we will contact you within 1 month to schedule an in-person interview at our facility in Murrieta, CA. Following a successful interview, our training staff will conduct a comprehensive temperament evaluation on your dog to ensure they have the suitable temperament for service work. These evaluations typically last around 2 hours and take place both at our facility and in nearby public spaces. It’s important to note that participation in an interview and evaluation does not guarantee entry into the program.


Upon successful completion of the interview and temperament evaluation, you will receive notification of your acceptance within one week. At that time, you will be provided with additional documents to finalize your enrollment. A training schedule will be provided for in-person sessions, along with independent learning assignments determined by our training staff. There is no guarantee that a dog accepted upon evaluation will successfully complete each level of training and meet ADI standards upon completion. If your dog does not meet service dog standards at any stage, you will be notified accordingly.

Training Program

Upon acceptance, you will commence a comprehensive 6-month training program designed to meet your specific needs. These training sessions will occur either at our Murrieta, CA facility or in nearby public areas. Throughout these sessions, both you and your dog will receive instruction in obedience training, directional commands, and task-specific skills customized to address your disability. Additionally, you should anticipate dedicating time to independent learning outside of these scheduled training sessions.

Upon successful completion of the training program and passing the public access test clients will be awarded ADI accredited certification. Additionally, they will receive a CST identification card, along with a collar, leash, and vest for their dog


To commence the application process, there is a $100 application fee. Upon the initial acceptance of your application, there is an additional $150 evaluation fee for your dog’s comprehensive evaluation by our training staff. The training program itself ranges widely for the entire 6-month course, contingent on the individual needs of you and your dog. This fee must be paid prior to your first training session. Subsequent and annual ADI PAT Tests with dog health certification require a renewal fee of $150.

It’s important to note that the application, evaluation, and training fees are waived for veterans participating in the Paws for Wounded Vets Program.

All application and evaluation fees are non-refundable. After acceptance into the program, if a dog is discharged prior to 1 month, a refund of 90% will be issued. If discharged after 2 months, the refund will be 80%; after 3 months, 70%; after 4 months, 60%; and after 5 months, 50%. However, there are no refunds for dogs undergoing training with CST for 6 months or more.

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