Changing Lives
One Service Dog at a Time

Our mission is to provide specially trained dogs to persons with disabilities to support their personal, social, and occupational independence.

Changing lives for the better

Since 1989, Canine Support Teams has been providing specially trained service dogs to veterans and persons with disabilities. Each life-changing match is made possible by generous volunteers and donors.

Raising the next generation of helpers

“Puppy raising allowed my family and me to share our hearts and home with Monti, with a feeling of pride and fulfillment knowing we were training him for a bigger job.”

Puppy Raiser Lisa O’loughlin

are you ready to meet your new best friend?


Learn more about the many ways we are working to help those in need of a service dog.

you can be a hero

Not all heroes wear capes. Be a hero and support those who need a savior.

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