A Generational Legacy of Giving

For most couples, wedding planning is fraught with excitement, anxiety, trepidation, and anticipation. But Steven and Laura Marcus chose simplicity as their theme: a modest destination wedding and a gift registry of giving.

Not long before Steven met his future wife, Laura, his mother, Dr. Dawn Marcus, passed away unexpectedly. Her sudden loss struck the family like a thunderbolt. She left an indelible mark on the lives of everyone she touched: her patients, students, colleagues, and most important, her children. With her husband, Richard, they raised their family with thrift, prudence, and service. For special occasions, they exchanged “gifts” of quality time and loving gestures rather than things that fit into boxes with bows. Steven soon discovered that Laura shared this core value and it formed the foundation of their relationship.

Dr. Marcus also made a big difference for Canine Support Teams. Author of “Fit as Fido: Follow Your Dog to Better Health“, and “The Power of a Wagging Tail“, she understood the unique power of the human-animal bond, especially dogs. She regularly employed her own beloved Smooth-coated Wheaton Terriers in treating her patients living with chronic pain. Dawn lent her professional expertise and credibility to the value and effectiveness of service dogs. She advocated for CST’s mission and was generous in her fundraising and giving.

Consistent with their values and honoring the memory of Steven’s mother, Steven & Laura are dedicating their “wedding registry” to Canine Support Teams. In lieu of gifts, they ask you to make donation to Canine Support Teams and share memories of Dr. Dawn Marcus, her books, her influence.


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