How to Receive Outside Certification

Our certified trainers will temperament test your dog to determine if s/he will qualify for our Outside Certification Program. 

This program includes unlimited access to our group courses, skills training specific to your needs/disabilities and six (6) individual training sessions. When determined by our Training Staff, you and your dog will take the Public Access Test (PAT).  Upon successful completion of the PAT, you will be issued a CST identification card, collar and CST Branded vest.  


Application: Include a $50 non-refundable Application fee with your completed application. 

Evaluation Fee: $75 non-refundable. ALL dogs MUST be evaluated prior to consideration for Outside Certification – NO EXCEPTIONS. Not all dogs will qualify. Your dog will be evaluated by our professional training staff. Dogs will only be accepted for our outside certification program if our trainers find the dog to be of suitable temperament and training for service work. Acceptance is conditional and must maintain appropriate behavior throughout the entire program. There is no guarantee a dog accepted upon evaluation will successfully complete each level of training. There are no refunds for any training received should your dog not meet service dog standards at any stage. Many dogs make great pets but not all make good Service Dogs. Liability constraints exclude certain protection breeds. Puppies in training will be re-evaluated at 6 and 18 months (no additional fee).  

Training/Certification Fee: $2500 This will provide six (6) private training sessions with a CST trainer and unlimited access to group classes. When determined by our training staff, you and your dog will take our Public Access Test. Upon passing you will be issued a CST identification card, collar, leash & CST Branded vest for your dog.  

Subsequent and Annual test will be charged at $100 per test and any required replacement equipment will be charged at the current rate.  If the dog is deemed unsuitable at any time in the future, certification will be revoked, and all CST Branded equipment must be returned.