Puppy Raiser of the Month: Kim Stiak

“I found Canine Support Teams when I met a Veteran with a CST service dog. My lucky day! I became a puppy raiser, and am on my 5th puppy, Maize. My goal is 10 puppies (or more). It is a lot of fun, and who doesn’t love puppies! I really love everything about puppy-ness. They come to me as blank slates and I have a hand in shaping their future. Plus, knowing that I am helping someone in need is even better. Socks was my first puppy, and very, very special. It was hard to let him go, but I know he has a happy home and a life with purpose. The CST community have become like my family. I love hanging out with the other puppy raisers and being part of something so special.”  – Kim Stiak with Maize


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