September is National Service Dog Appreciation Month

At Canine Support Teams, we celebrate service dogs every day, but we enjoy the collective recognition and appreciation during the month of September. No longer restricted to assisting the visually impaired, service dogs are now utilized by people with a much wider scope of disabilities.  Canine Support Teams is honored to be leaders in this industry for 30 years.

The demand is growing as doctors and therapists see the improvement in their patients with the aid of service dogs, and as more patients seek alternative therapies to replace or supplement more traditional remedies.  Over the years, CST has grown and evolved to meet those needs. In the process, we have broadened our impact.

All of this is possible by the generosity of our donors and supporters, people just like you! So, we, in turn, appreciate all that you do to support our mission of changing lives – one dog at a time.


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