The Latest CST News

Congratulations to the Class of 2019!

Graduation 2020 was a smashing success thanks to all the friends and supporters who turned out to enjoy this wonderful celebration.  A special thanks to

A Generational Legacy of Giving

For most couples, wedding planning is fraught with excitement, anxiety, trepidation, and anticipation. But Steven and Laura Marcus chose simplicity as their theme: a modest

Expanding Our Potential

To meet the the growing need for Service Dogs and to maximize our resources at hand, CST has begun the process to build a new

Raise a Puppy! Change a Life!

Service dogs begin their journeys in the loving homes of Puppy Raisers. Puppies need time to grow up and develop before undertaking the advanced training

You Make a Difference, Let Us Count the Ways

Every dog we train touches several lives. From Puppy Raisers, to Inmate Trainers, to clients in various situations and their families. Your gifts have life-changing

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